Government “Shutdown” and Aftermath

For those of us that believe in fiscal responsibility, there are no winners, only losers in the aftermath of the partial government shutdown. While the big media outlets relentlessly presented the Republican House (along with Senator Ted Cruz) as the key villains in the circumstances, the obvious reality is that either side could have acquiesced to their opposition and prevented or stopped the government “shut down.” This is common sense and true in every negotiation or disagreement with any human being or group of human beings.
The Republicans could have gone along with the president’s agenda and the stalemate would have been averted. Of course, agreeing with Democrats is the definition of “civility” in the eyes of mainstream media outlets.
Alternatively, the Democrats could have agreed to follow the Republican’s plan. While this would have been a shocker, it would also have prevented the shut down scenario.
Both sides had the power to avert the shutdown. Bolstered by their allies in the media, the Democrats certainly had more leverage to exercise. They also skillfully articulated their position, rendering the bumbling and scattered communication of the House leader and other tired Republican voices virtually impotent. 
The best books do not always sell the best. Most often, the best packaged and promoted books sell the most copies. Likewise, in the political world, the best ideas do not always win. Instead, the ideas that are articulated cleanly and simply and presented clearly are the consistent winners.
Conservatives have truth on their side. But this won’t matter if they can’t learn to communicate effectively, especially when a grand media opportunity like the threat of a shut down is dominating the news coverage.
Conservatives and Republicans lost the recent battle, but they have not lost the war. No victory and no loss is permanent, and while elections have dramatic consequences, they are not the only path to creating change. Americans elected a divided government. This is a good thing.
Principles and truth are on the conservative side. Obamacare is bureaucratic monstrosity and now conservatives have reinforced their opposition to this mess and in the coming months, the rest of the population will come to understand and detest the reality of government-administered health care. 
While they lost the fight temporarily, conservatives have also emphatically fortified their opposition to irresponsible and unsustainable spending habits. They have also stated their opposition to the corrupt exemptions to Obamacare that have been handed out to friends and favored groups of the administration.
It will not be easy. The fightshutterstock_8746984 for truth will never be without great opposition. But, I believe Americans are getting hungry for truth. We can compromise on policy. We can compromise on timing. We can compromise on who gets the credit. We cannot compromise on truth.
Conservatives need to clearly articulate and convincingly demonstrate that hope, unrooted in truth, is a lie.
Principles Matter Most!


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